March 15, 2011

Calls to Restore American Leadership in Space (Add yours too)

Two recent columns capture the need to save the space program--and thereby to restore that which made America great. Please add your thoughts too in the comments section.

End of the Shuttle Program is a Real Loss & Invest in NASA, Not High Speed Train
Kingsley Guy with the Sun Sentinel writes:
"A feeling of awe and wonder. There's nothing that can compare to it, and the manned space program gave it to us as a nation. The president needs to rethink his priorities and reaffirm America's commitment to manned space exploration, as President Kennedy had the foresight to do 50 years ago."

"The Obama administration apparently thinks it's more important to spend billions of dollars on money-losing high-speed trains manufactured overseas than on manned space exploration using cutting-edge vehicles made in America."
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U.S. Needs to Reaffirm Commitment to Space Travel

John Cleary with the Star Gazette writes:
"I mourn the loss of the exploring spirit that put the Apollo astronauts on the moon. I fear, in our preoccupation with the problems of the day, we are giving up on an essential component of what has driven society forward for all time, the need to push out and expand our horizons."
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March 2, 2011

India Fills the Vacuum we Created

Space abhors a vacuum.

As the US loses our own access to space later in the year and has abandoned plans for human moon and mars missions, the rest of the world is eager to fill the vacuum.

India's human spaceflight program recieved a funding increase of more than a third.

We wish India well in space, but as America retreats, we will lose our technological leadership, jobs and investments to those who have the will to become the leaders in space.

As other nations understand, space is a national priority. Congress must exempt NASA from across the board cuts, and to follow the examples set by India, China and others by increasing our investment in our future.