December 24, 2011

The Future of the Space Program and How YOU Can Help

You can help influence the future of the space program this election year. Will we reach new heights, return to the moon, and make history with a manned landing on Mars? Will America continue to lead in high technology?

Or will a lack of leadership condemn America to retreat to second place. To watch as other nations reach for the stars and reap the rewards of jobs, investments, inventions, high tech leadership, national pride and so much more. Those truly are the stakes.

The 2012 presidential candidates have not yet developed their positions on space. Some have stated America must continue to lead in space but have not provided any details.

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Here's where you can make the difference. Contact the campaigns. If you get the opportunity to meet any candidates or their staff, ask them to support a bold space program. Send them emails, sign up for campaign events where you may meet them or their staff. Pass the word to your friends to do the same, and post this everywhere! Post replies you get from candidates and your elected representatives on this page and our Facebook page.

A complete list of candidates is here:

Contact your Senators and Representative, as well as all candidates.

The space program is very popular with the public. Some recent polls which you can link to and use to inform candidates:
Pass the word! Blog it, Facebook it! Email your list! Let's get some action going! You can link to this article, and similar postings are on our Facebook page: 

Read in the COMMENTS link for this posting the statements sent by the Perry and Gingrich campaigns.

(photos credit NASA)