February 21, 2023

Starship Launch--Soon!

Scheduled for mid April, currently April 17-21, the world's largest rocket ever will be fueled and ready on its pad. Millions around the world will watch online, as well as perhaps the greatest gathering of people near SpaceX's "Starbase" launch and construction facility in Boca Chica, Texas.

The mighty Starship and the Super Heavy booster will launch to orbit, travel three quarters of the way around the earth, and Starship will descend near Hawaii, for a planned gentle splashdown in the ocean.

If successful, we may see a full orbital mission this summer, followed by test flights to refuel a Starship in orbit, and later, an uncrewed landing on the Moon. Because this is the very first test of this rocket, it could go wrong in a spectacular way. But that's what testing is all about, and the lessons learned will make the spacecraft safer.

This is indeed the most powerful rocket ever built. It dwarfs the Artemis SLS rocket and even the mighty Saturn V that took Americans to the Moon. 

Starship will be used in combination with NASA's Orion and SLS for Artemis III and later crewed lunar landings. The Starship crew ship would be outfitted to land American astronauts on the Moon.

Be sure you watch the launch! SpaceX.com and many space news sites will offer coverage and updates on the schedule.

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Photo credits SpaceX