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Dear Space Advocate,

President Trump' motto is 'make America great again.' Nothing creates greatness like a bold space program.

2016 was an exciting year with important space accomplishments, including Space X's successful landings of the Falcon 9, amazing images from planetary probes and our Mars rovers, and a somewhat greater NASA budget which advances key components for manned deep space exploration. President Trump now has the opportunity to take a new approach to space exploration which would take Americans to the Moon and Mars sooner than in previous plans.

Let's help make 2017 the year that President Trump is given the necessary public support for favorable space policies.

Here's how: Save Manned Space's non-partisan educational campaigns are helping educate the president's advisors on the immense benefits of remaining the leader in space exploration, and why we must go to the Moon and Mars. Similar campaigns educate Members of Congress and their advisors, as well as the general public on the benefits of a bold space program.

Please donate now to help our educational outreach and lobbying projects on the space program.

Allowing opponents of the space program in the media and politics to set the agenda could result in a lack of support in the administration. Strong public support for space can help pave the way for a bold new space program.

The stakes are too high to not go bold with our space program. Failure will allow China and Russia to lead the new and very real space race. We can--and must--go to the Moon in the early 2020s, learn how to safely live on another world, and go to Mars in the early--not late 2030s.

Many people, much less politicians, do not understand that the space program returns far more to the economy in new inventions ('spinoffs') than the investment. And that's not counting the job creation, advances in science, inspiration for students to go into STEM careers, and even greater international respect.

Step one for the president should be to cancel the nearly-useless Asteroid Redirect Mission, and replace it with the exciting "Apollo 8 for Mars," the 2021 Mars-Venus flyby, which can be accomplished with hardware already being built and tested--including the mission habitat which NASA has been tasked to build. This should be enacted in 2017, while President Trump formulates the long-range national space strategy which will in fact make NASA's "Journey to Mars" a reality, not just a slogan and hashtag.

Please donate now to help Save Manned Space work with the Trump administration, lobby Congress and conduct public and educational projects for a bold new space program to take us to the Moon and Mars! Donations are not tax deductible, and corporate donations are welcome.

Thank you very much for your support.

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