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About the Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration

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The mission of the completely non-partisan Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration is to help rebuild public interest in the space program to result in greater support by Congress and the Administration.

Most importantly, there must be a true national space strategy--a bold mission worthy of a great nation. The Coalition advocates an "in this decade" approach like that by which President Kennedy challenged America to go to the moon and to become the absolute leader in high technology for a generation.

America can begin to establish a manned research base on the moon within a decade; so we can learn how to live on Mars and develop new technologies to benefit all humanity. We can launch an exciting Mars-Venus flyby in 2021 to learn how to travel in deep space to Mars and beyond--the "Apollo 8" for future Mars landings. These are the training grounds for humanity's next historic challenge: to land astronauts on Mars, perhaps before 2030.

The benefits of such missions will in addition to providing a positive national purpose; bring greater prosperity, innovations, high tech jobs, and investments to Americans. The greatest challenges and impediments to achieving a bold and exciting future in space are not technological, but political.

Imagine the advances just in clean energy and environmental protection which may by necessity be developed for living for years on a hostile world where everything is recycled and there is no delivery truck to bring supplies! 

Here's just a few examples of how space research benefits the world: 
Space exploration is popular! Check out "Surveys prove Americans support the space program."

The non-partisan Coalition was founded by Art Harman in 2010 following the cancellation of the Constellation program and its specific plans to return to the moon and to then go to Mars and beyond. 

Why are we different? Our focus is on the political and public relations battleground for space exploration. Others are experts in the technical and other aspects of sending people to the Moon and/or Mars, yet without the support in the White House and Congress, and with the public, Mars will forever be always twenty years in the future. We also focus specifically on restoring and maintaining American leadership in space. Space ruled by dictatorships would be hostile to commercial space, as well as any American space program. Further, leadership in space rewards Americans with great jobs, global competitiveness in space and high tech, as well as the intangibles of national price and international respect.
Founder's Biography:
Art Harman is the Founder and Director of the Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration. He was the Legislative Director and NASA/space advisor for Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX), who represented NASA's Johnston Space Center in Houston. 

In Congress, he drafted space legislation and amendments and worked to advance the space program in many ways. He has worked in the public policy arena for many years in the Nation's Capital. Mr. Harman is a powerful advocate for launching a bold space program and is also a policy analyst in other fields of importance, a television producer, an award winning photographer, and he served on the board of directors of three non-profit organizations.

Mr. Harman believes Americans can solve any problem and reach the furthest frontiers thanks to our history and culture of freedom. Space exploration truly is "American Exceptionalism" defined. He's traveled extensively in the world and returned home each time with greater appreciation for other cultures as well as renewed appreciation for the liberties Americans often take for granted. He's been behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet era, walked in the footsteps of democracy activists in Tiananmen Square, witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, and saw first-hand the remarkable changes in the Post-Soviet era.

Mr. Harman is a frequent analyst and commentator on radio and television; and is a member of AIAA, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Mars Society.

Recent and Upcoming Media Coverage of the Coalition:
Media: Media are invited to contact the Coalition for information, interviews and news; to sign up for new posting alerts (see box at right); and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Send us an email to be placed on our media list. Radio and TV producers are invited to book short or long interviews of great interest to your listeners; Mr. Harman is a veteran of a great many interviews and is happy to field calls.

Speaking Engagements: Mr. Harman has addressed international space conferences, and can speak to your group, school or special event on the space program; its history, future and how we can inspire our nation to greatness with a bold new space program. 

Volunteer! Organizations, space experts, astronauts and individuals are invited to join the Coalition to help advance the cause. Our website lists many grassroots activities which you can do to bring greater support for the space program. 

Among actions everyone is encouraged to participate in:
  • Become a volunteer for the Coalition. Local and regional leaders are wanted, as well as Washington, DC-based activists to coordinate lobbying activities.
  • Call, write and visit your members of Congress in support of greater, not less funding for NASA, and for real missions to the Moon and Mars. (202-224-3121)
  • Call radio talk shows.
  • Write letters to the editor and op-ed articles.
  • Promote the Coalition and the space program in general amongst friends and associates, on the web and social media. Share the information with anyone who can help.
  • Encourage all space advocates and Congress to unite to support America's moon and Mars rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS) and its companion deep space Orion capsule; private space launch systems including SpaceX; to unite on a single, workable roadmap of bold space missions that should include a lunar surface base where we will learn how to live on another world--and then, with lessons learned, we will see a historic Martian landing! We must offer complete support to (and not over-regulate) private launch companies as they prepare to launch American astronauts again on American spacecraft for ISS support and for many exciting commercial ventures.
  • Contact the White House (202-456-1414), and ask that the president:
    • 1. Cancel the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM).
    • 2. Replace ARM with the 2021 Mars-Venus Flyby.
    • 3. Cancel plans for a lunar orbital base, the "Deep Space Gateway" and go to the lunar surface instead.
    • 4. Increase public-private partnerships with commercial space ventures.
    • 5. Rebuild our space program with real plans and funding for a permanent Lunar base in the early 2020s, and to go to Mars in the early 2030s. 
    • 6. Request serious funding to make the dream into a reality.
United we will have an exciting future in space; divided the Mars and the Moon will always remain a decade or two out of reach. Let's go!
The Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration
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