November 23, 2022

Artemis At The Moon

The incredible Artemis rocket launched to the Moon on November 16, and has begun to orbit the Moon to spectacular results.

During its journey lasting until December 11, Artemis will fly low over the landing sites of Apollo 11, 12 and 14, and fly from a low of 81 miles above the lunar surface to a high of 52,000 miles above the Moon. So far, the spacecraft is performing 100% perfectly, and success in this unmanned mission will help advance plans for Artemis II in 2024 which will fly around the Moon with astronauts aboard, and for Artemis III in 2025 where for the first time in fifty years, Americans will again land on the Mon, making history for a new generation. 

Future missions will prepare for a permanent crewed base on the Moon.

Artemis on the launch pad

Artemis and the flame trench

Closeup of Artemis and the launch tower

Liftoff of Artemis to the Moon!

The four main engines

Rocket contrail illuminated by the Moon

Photos credit: Art Harman Save Manned