October 3, 2017

YOU Can Help Confirm the new NASA Administrator

The Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration endorses the nomination of Rep. Jim Bridenstine to be the next NASA Administrator.

A committee hearing and the confirmation vote are expected before the end of October.

Please support Rep. Jim Bridenstine's nomination. It is important for all space advocates that he be confirmed by the Senate by unanimous consent or a strong bi-partisan vote.

Bridenstine is a strong supporter of the space program, commercial and new-space, crewed Moon and Mars missions. Under his leadership, combined with the strong support by President Trump, and Vice President Pence's leadership in the new National Space Council, we have the opportunity to reform NASA and set a serious roadmap to return to the Moon in the 2020s and land on Mars in the 2030s.

While politics in Congress has unfortunately become more combative in recent years, space and NASA policy has always remained overwhelmingly non-partisan.

Democrats and Republicans united to send Americans to the moon, and to build the space shuttles and the International Space Station. United, we will indeed return to the Moon and go to Mars sooner than many believe possible. Divided, we will never make it.

Historically, the Senate confirms NASA administrators with unanimous votes:
  • In 2009, both Maj. Gen.(Ret.) Charles F. Bolden, and Lori Garver were confirmed by unanimous consent.
  • In 2005, Dr. Michael D. Griffin was confirmed by voice vote.
  • In 2001, Sean O'Keefe was unanimously confirmed.
  • In 1992, Daniel S. Goldin was confirmed by unanimous consent.
  • Etc.
Let's give Rep. Bridenstine the unanimous bi-partisan and non-partisan support he needs to lead NASA to actually put us on the path to Mars. A contentious, party-line vote will harm NASA and our space program by making it difficult to get support in Congress for budgets, authorizations and real roadmaps to Mars, the Moon and beyond.

TAKE ACTION! Here's how:
  • Please call your Senators at 202-224-3121. Do not just leave a comment with the receptionist or intern, but ask to speak with the Senator's NASA advisor, or the Legislative Director or Chief of Staff. That will assure your support is communicated to the Senator in the best possible way. Leave a voicemail with the staffer if they can't take your call. 
  • Contact info for the U.S. Senate: www.senate.gov/senators/contact
  • Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness
  • Write an email to the Senator's NASA advisor/legislative assistant. Ask the receptionist for their email address.
  • If you run a space-related business or organization, request a meeting with your Senators or their senior staff, as well as those on the Space Subcommittee. Write a letter on your letterhead--but email a PDF to the Senator's NASA advisor rather than mail it. Post office mail can take weeks to be delivered due to security. 
  • Visit your Senators' offices, either in your state or at the U.S. Capitol.
  • Post supporting messages on social media. Encourage others to join together for a united, strong space program.
  • Write a letter to the editor or op-ed to a major newspaper and/or space industry publication.
  • Call talk shows.
  • If you are a member of any space advocacy and related organizations, please request that they endorse Bridenstine's nomination.
Please pass the word to your friends, contacts and supporters. 

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