June 8, 2011

Poll: Americans Want Space Program to Continue

Americans do not want our space program to be cancelled, and many polls support this. Below is the latest poll. Please send this to your Senators and Representative, as well as to the President.

"In a dramatic new Sachs/Mason-Dixon poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans say they don’t want America’s manned space program to end and they believe the United States should continue to be a global leader in space. The results of the poll follow the recent return of the Space Shuttle Endeavour – the penultimate NASA Space shuttle mission."

QUESTION: NASA is close to launching its final manned Space Shuttle and our nation's space program faces an uncertain future with no plans to continue sending men and women into space after 2011. Do you believe the United States should or should not continue to be a world leader in manned space exploration?
SHOULD 57% 54% 59% 57%
SHOULD NOT 26% 31% 24% 22%
NOT SURE 17% 15% 17% 21%

Full Survey and story:

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