April 13, 2015

Espresso in Space!

Grande or Venti?

ISSpresso, the Space Espresso Machine

There's now hope for all spacefaring coffee lovers! Thanks to the Italian Space Agency, Lavazza, and NASA, the Year In Space on the International Space Station​ will go quicker with the first espresso-maker in space, the "ISSpresso."

Read NASA announcement of the news.

It is true that "today's coffee is tomorrow's coffee" on ISS with advanced water recycling technology, and this will be even more the case on missions to Mars, including the proposed 2021 Mars-Venus flyby.

Check out the cool design of the zero-G cups that keeps your cuppa in the cup! It uses a unique capillary effect to do the trick, which is far more preferable than bags of water or coffee. The ISSpresso is designed for bags, but perhaps they'll use these cups for a down-to-earth experience.

Alas, ISSpresso is only an experiment, and is scheduled to be returned to earth in September--unless the crew 'forgets' to put it in the returning spacecraft.

Image Credits: Lavazza and Andrew Wollman

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