March 30, 2017

The Presidential Briefing

Art Harman, the Director of the Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration met recently with the White House officials involved in setting the Trump administration's space policy.

Mr. Harman presented the organization's landmark paper, "A Space Program Worthy of the United States," which is a 19-point plan to rebuild America's space program and actually land Americans on the moon and Mars in the near future, as well as to not allow China and other nations to overtake the U.S.

The meeting was very useful and the administration is seeking new ideas and advice.

At present, the administration is preparing its plans to refocus NASA's priorities, and many observers expect a greater focus on deep space exploration and commercial partnerships.

The Coalition is in continuing contact with the administration and Congress to help assure we will remain the leader in the world for space exploration and high technology, and will in fact return to the Moon and go to Mars--sooner than many believe possible.

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