April 20, 2018

The Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration congratulates the Honorable Jim Bridenstine on the occasion of his Senate confirmation as NASA Administrator.

Administrator Bridenstine can now roll up his sleeves and change policies from the previous administration to accelerate our journeys to the Moon and Mars.

These are exciting times for the space program! The president and vice president are great supporters of reinvigorating our space program, and the National Space Council is reviewing our entire space program to focus more on human space exploration and better utilize commercial space ventures.

Commercial space is booming and set to launch American astronauts on American rockets within a year or two, and companies like Bigelow are building habitats that can be used in orbit or on the Moon and Mars. Students are getting hands-on experience building cubesats and Mars rovers, and new small and large rockets are cutting launch costs.

Congress has provided additional funds, though even more is needed to avoid delays that cost far more over additional years.

We are at the beginning of a new golden era in space, and Administrator Bridenstine can harness the best of commercial space to return to the surface of the Moon, learn how to live on another world and then go to Mars--far sooner than in plans from the past administration.

America salutes Bridenstine's experience, dedication and passion to restore our space program and lead us to new frontiers.

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