July 25, 2010

Please Join The Distinguished Scientists Project

To Distinguished Scientists in all fields:

Consider the incredible progress of mankind over the past several centuries. Technology, medicine, you name it; it has been the dedicated scientist behind so much of our progress.

The opinions of scientists are highly regarded by the public and by Congress. By lending your name to saving the manned space program, you will be making a valuable contribution to the cause which can continue to benefit all of humanity.

You are invited to join the list of Distinguished Scientists in support of saving and expanding the manned space program. Email your contact information (will not posted, only for confirmation); a brief CV or bio--or better yet, a link to it online; and a brief statement in support of any or all of the following:
  • Saving the Space Shuttles until private replacements are ready.
  • Building the existing Constellation system or an improved heavy-lift/lander/crew capsule system.
  • A bold manned space program to go to the Moon, Mars and an asteroid in this decade or as soon as is possible.
More detailed papers and analyses are invited as well. Additionally, you are invited to ask your colleagues to add their voices; please send them this invitation to join the Distinguished Scientists Project.

You may also wish to call or write your members of Congress and members of key Congressional committees, as well as candidates for Congress; offer to testify before Congress; write a letter to the editor of newspapers; write articles for scientific publications, post messages on scientific and other websites and blogs; be a caller or guest on talk shows; and in any other way use your influence to help save the manned space program.

This is a completely non-partisan project which benefits every American and indeed all humanity.

A separate page or series of pages will be added to this website containing the names, titles (for identification only) and brief statements of all Distinguished Scientists. The list will also be sent to Congress, and may be featured in public service advertisements on television, internet or newspapers.

Thank you very much for your service to humanity and for lending your name to saving the space program in this time of need.

Send to: info@SaveMannedSpace.com

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  1. my name is kenneth. I am not a scientist yet but studding to be mianist...as funny as that may sound.. i would love nothing more than to join your project. I hope their is a way I can do so please respond to kennethcenten009@gmail.com...thank you