March 13, 2012

Visit YOUR Members of Congress

Legislative Blitz Participants at NASA HQ
Following Briefing by Deputy Administrator Lori Garver
The Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration participated with the Space Exploration Alliance's "2012 Legislative Blitz;" where participants from across the country--and even a few from abroad--visited about 100 Congressional offices in support of the space program over two days.

Results were greatly varied; from staff and members of Congress having little understanding of the importance of space exploration and maintaining US lead in high technology, to some who did not appear to support NASA at all, to strong supporters. Some had great misconceptions over costs, believing NASA is incredibly expensive (wrong--it's just 0.04% of the Federal budget, or less than was spent to air condition troop tents in Iraq and Afghanistan). Some had little understanding of the fantastic payoffs in high technology, jobs, investments and even national pride.

The crucial point to all who believe America should explore space; should maintain leadership in high technology and not concede such leadership to China; should keep high tech investments in the US rather than watch them go to China; is that YOUR voice matters.

Personal visits by constituents can make a big difference. Call the offices of your Senators and Representative and ask to have a meeting with them at their state/district office. If you visit Washington, DC anytime or live nearby, be sure to visit their Capitol offices. Discuss the benefits of a strong space exploration program which will see Americans return to the moon, venture to an asteroid, and land on Mars. Discuss the dangers to our economy and future if America abandons leadership to China and other nations.

US Capitol: 202-224-3121

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