April 24, 2012

Television Interview by Coalition Director

On the occasion of space shuttle Discovery's arrival for display at the National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center, Coalition Director Art Harman was interviewed by Washington, DC's WUSA-TV Channel 9; brief portions of which were used on air in this segment. Direct link: WUSA9.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=1567846126001

A sad but true remark in this same clip is former astronaut Dr. Anna Fisher telling a young aspiring astronaut to "study Russian" as advice on how to become an astronaut. Space X will be launching the first cargo delivery to the space station in early May, which will help pave the way for their manned flights, which could come as early as the "two to three years" target which Space X founder Elon Musk told Mr. Harman last year.

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