June 13, 2012

Chinese Space Launch Scheduled for June 16

China plans to launch three astronauts to their micro-space station on or about June 16, including China's first woman in space. The mission is expected to last about two weeks.

Key point in the linked article: "China has been increasing its space and defense budgets by as much as 40% in an effort to gain independence for its own space interests."

Read that again, and note that as China is increasing their spending, the US is cutting both NASA and defense spending; a dangerous trend if we are to remain the world's space, high technology and military superpower.


China's long range plans are to establish a Mir-sized space station by about 2020--perhaps becoming the only majot space statiuon once ISS is retired in 2020 or 2028, and they plan to land on the moon by about 2025.

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