March 18, 2020

Gateway's Gone, Now to the Moon for Real!

NASA is cancelling the "Gateway," which mandated that journeys to the Moon would have to make a complex rendezvous to the gateway, then use a three-stage lander to do a complex landing. Returns would have to ahere to a seven-day window, making emergency returns impossible.

Thank God it's cancelled, or at least postponed!

The gateway was initiated as an Obama boondoggle to pretend we were returning to the moon while never landing, and I always called it "spectator seating to watch China colonize the moon," and recommended to the White House they must scrap or delay it. 

At last, it's off the books for 2024. This increases the chances of actually landing the first woman and next man on the moon by 24, and using far safer and simpler rendezvous. Go Artemis!

The contract awards for landers had been delayed before this announcement, and now bidders can design far simpler, cheaper and safer systems that can be built faster.  While the lander is off the books for the 2024 landing, it is essentially dead, as the landers will now be deigned for more direct, Apollo-like missions.

This is one more bold step that NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is taking to assure that we can return American astronauts to the Moon by 2024, and establish a permanent base by 2028. Thank you.

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