June 22, 2022

Russian Plans to Leave ISS, Join China

Watch this Chinese Communist Party TV interview with Russian Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin. 

In the interview, Rogozin outlines Russian plans to leave the International Space Station (ISS) in 2025 and to build their own new station in a spysat orbit. Russia's space program serves the needs of their aggressive military plans.

Russia can't reach the Chinese military space station with their Soyuz rockets, which would have been embarrassing if they joined the Chinese station but had to ride as passengers in Chinese spacecraft.

Russia will become a junior partner with China's military lunar base on the south pole of the Moon.

A question would be if the imploding Russian space program can muster the budget, talent and quality needed to achieve any of these goals.

Rogozin concludes his interview by threatening the U.S. with nuclear war.

The danger to the entire world is that the nuclear tyrannies may end up ruling the world in this decade as the US has abandoned peace through strength--as seen in the ending of deterrence in Afghanistan and Ukraine and perhaps soon in Taiwan. The present White House doesn't appear to see or care about the shift of world power to the tyrannies, and appears to aid and abet the shift. Space will be one of the key battlegrounds, and preserving free-world and commercial access to orbital space and the Moon will be decisive.


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