June 22, 2022

SLS and Starship Advance!

In recent news, SLS achieves goals in the 'wet dress rehearsal' where they filled the propellant tanks and tested all the systems through the countdown to just before ignition.

And the FAA finally gave SpaceX environmental clearance to launch from Boca Chica in Texas, pending complying with ridiculous regulations.

Therefore, we may see launches for both SLS and Starship this year, both of which are advances to actually putting American boots on the ground on the Moon, hopefully in advance of China.

Beating China to the Moon is a serious issue, for they have already declared their plan to follow their illegal actions in the South China Sea and make claims to the water ice-rich craters in the lunar south pole. China's military uses of the Moon would be a strategic game-changer--to seize the high frontier, weaponize it, and build their designed military radar to map the world's military assets every 24 hours.

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