August 14, 2010

Watch How Constellation Will Take Us to the Moon, Mars and Beyond

For people unfamiliar with the Constellation system, and the ways it can take us to the Moon and Mars, it is useful to watch this video prepared by NASA.

The Administration intends to kill the program, ending perhaps for decades the goal of Americans returning to the Moon and making history by landing on Mars. Congress may save it or save a smaller, less-capable version; but we need the full program. Watch what Constellation can do and contact Congress to build the full Constellation system now.

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  1. sept. 10, 2010

    I am writing from Montreal.

    It is time for your congress, whathever party is in charge, to for once in its existance, show some sence of logic. it must totally reject the president s attemp to cancel constellation.

    It may be a good idea to leave LEO to the private sector, but Orion must go forward, and
    the government should own, for two or three more
    decades, a means of travelling TO THE MOON and
    Mars. These should be the only goals, going
    to an asteroid whith humans is a totaly ludi-
    crus plan devoid of any logic.

    It was clearly layd By a chycken without a
    head as we say in french. One or twoof tho-
    se college think there more intelligent than
    the rest of us type.

    But if Ares I does not survive, then, put it
    all on top of Ares 5, making it a 4 SRBs core
    booster, and have it all (Constellation com-
    ponants, Altair) developped in a two way private and
    government partnership, 75 percent gov. and
    30 public. This might be the ONLY WAY to sa-
    ve Constellation, the first goal as to be
    cleerly THE MOON.

  2. Montreal again.

    If someone in the US reads my previus comment,
    and they know how to do it, please find a wy
    to have it forwarded to your comgerssmen and
    senators, I would greatly appreciate it.