August 26, 2010

VP: "This is a Chance to Do Something Big!" OK, How About Going to Mars Then?

In a Time Magazine interview regarding stimulus spending, Vice President Biden proclaimed "This is a chance to do something big, man!",8599,2013683,00.html

The First Landing on Mars
(Credit NASA)

Mr. Vice President, there will be nothing bigger in this century than the first human landing on Mars and the establishment of a permanent base on the Moon. And you can make it happen.  A bold, vibrant space program will relaunch America's leadership in high technology and save and create a great many jobs.

Please act now to save the Space Shuttles, build Constellation, and honor JFK's legacy with a bold space program to go to the Moon, Mars and asteroids. Not decades from now, but within 10-15 years.

That's "something big!"

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  1. We must explore space it's in our nature. The only thing our congress is interested in is pleasing there contributors!!!!