July 7, 2011

Watch the Last Shuttle Launch! DON'T MISS IT! How to See it in Person or on Web

Can't make it to see it in person, watch on NASA TV on on TV.
Atlantis STS-132 Launch from Space View Park
Have you ever wanted to watch a space shuttle launch in person? If so, don't miss your very last opportunity, and make your way to Florida for the final shuttle launch.  Atlantis (STS-135) is scheduled to launch no earlier than Friday, July 8 at 11:26 a.m. EDT.

Rain may delay the launch a day or two, check below links for latest news.

A shuttle launch is a spectacular experience!  Kennedy Space Center is sold out of tickets, but check with Dolphin Tours and Gator Tours in Orlando in case they get any more "Causeway" viewing packages.  The Causeway viewing area is the very best. If you do not secure tickets to watch it on the Causeway, I recommend watching it at Space View Park in Titusville, FL where you will not only have a great view but will share the experience with a huge crowd of space enthusiasts and you will hear the live launch announcements and countdown.  Get there many hours in advance for the best view. There are plenty of other locations up and down the coast which offer good viewing opportunities.

Keep up on the news, as the launch could be delayed at any time for reasons of equipment or weather. Each launch "window" usually lasts only for several days, so it if doesn't launch on the scheduled date, attempts can be made for the following several days before being rescheduled for perhaps weeks later.

Will it Launch?
Launch Weather forecast: http://www.patrick.af.mil/weather/index.asp

NASA Launch Schedule and News:

A brilliant description of a shuttle launch from Jason Davis at Planetary.org--read it before launch and pass on to your friends!
Part 1: The Countdown http://planetary.org/blog/article/00003075/
Part 2: The Ascent http://planetary.org/blog/article/00003082/
Space View Park:

Excellent Launch Viewing Page:
List of off-base launch viewing sites:

A few sources for shuttle launch information:

Photo credit Art Harman

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