July 27, 2011

VISIT Your Senators and Representative this Summer Regarding the Space Program

It's August, and members of Congress are spending a lot of time at home and are more available to meet with constituents at their state/district offices, and at Town Hall meetings.

Setting up a meeting with a Representative or Senator or their staff is easier than you might imagine. Call their office at 202-224-3121 and ask to speak to their legislative assistant who deals with NASA.

Ask to meet with the member in the district or state office when possible to discuss the importance of the space program as a national priority, that it should be exempted from across-the-board budget cuts and even increased, and discuss how to get manned space back on track.

You can go with a group of fellow space supporters too. Take any supportive information with you to give them. If you end up meeting with a staff member, ask the Rep/Sen to send you a letter after the staffer briefs him on the visit. You will find it easier than you imagine to set up such a meeting, and if you tell the staff that you are willing to meet anytime during August at the member's convenience, that will make it easier to arrange.

Keep the meeting focused on the subject, don't try to cover every issue under the sun or your efforts to get answers and action on the space program will be diluted.

The space program is very popular with the public. Some recent polls which you can print and take with you on visits:
Current debt limit talks indicate many long range spending cuts will be negotiated separately from the debt increase vote, giving us a window in which to get the message across.

During August, there will be many "town hall" meetings too, where you can publicly ask questions. Call their office or check their website or Facebook page for town hall dates. You can video town hall meetings but videoing a one-on-one meeting would likely spoil the desired result.

Try it!  Post the results of your meetings as a comment to this posting, on Facebook, and on space-related websites. Find us at www.Facebook.com/SaveMannedSpace and www.Twitter.com/SaveMannedSpace  

radio talk shows too: One call can alert thousands or even millions, and inspire others to call and visit Congress too. Numbers matter, let's get a FLOOD of Americans pushing Congress to truly support the space program!

Pass the word! Blog it, Facebook it! Email your list! Let's get some action going! You can link to this article, and similar postings are on www.Facebook.com/SaveMannedSpace 

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