May 5, 2011

50th Anniversary of America's First Man in Space!

Let us remember America's first man in space! 50 years today, Alan Shepard made history as America launched a bold space program which would take us to the Moon in under a decade. Alan Shepard would later be the commander of Apollo 14.

With the cancellation of Constellation and plans to return to the moon, as well as the retirement of the space shuttles, let us not end our human exploration of space on this 50th year, but rededicate our great nation to return to the Moon and visit an asteroid in this decade; and land on Mars by 2025 or sooner.

Call your members of Congress 202-224-3121 and the White House in support of a new, bold space program! Blog it! Get the word out on Twitter, Facebook and email!

Read the story of the IBM computers used for the mission and tracking: 

Please enjoy these photos of Alan Shepard's accomplishments both on America's first manned launch and Apollo 14.

NASA commemorated Alan Shepard's historic mission by naming a crater on Mars after him

(Photo credits: NASA)

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