July 26, 2012

Legislative Alert: Call Congress to Block Space Tech Transfer to China

Please make these important calls to Congress today to stop a dangerous transfer of American space technology to China.
  • Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry (D-MA) 202-224-2742.
  • Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-18) 202-225-3931
  • Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Buck McKeon (CA-25) 202-225-1956
Ask them to take action to block the Loral satellite deal with China before the August recess. Then please call your Representative and Senators at 202-224-3121, and ask them to support blocking this deal.

Here's the deal. The Obama administration issued a waiver of protective laws to allow Space Systems/Loral to sell key satellite technology to a company partially owned by a Chinese state-run investment company.  Loral was earlier fined for selling key missile technology to China in the 1990's which was used to improve their unreliable ballistic missiles. This technology can be used for military purposes.

Read the details by veteran China expert Bill Gertz: http://freebeacon.com/obamas-lost-in-space/

America is the undisputed leader in space technology. But our lead is being eroded by both the theft and outright purchase of our most advanced technologies. Such technology can be used equally by China's military as it can for competing against the US in commercial markets.

Tech transfers and thefts helped the Soviets build their shockingly similar "Buran" space shuttle. This isn't a new idea; Stalin had a fleet of B-29 bomber clones built from one captured plane, and the Soviets became infamous for stealing and 'reverse engineering' our military technology throughout the Cold War. China's moon rocket, as revealed in a recent posting here, appears to draw upon designs for our Space Launch System (SLS). Loral's technology was previously used to improve unreliable Chinese ballistic missiles.

We must enforce, not waive, the laws to protect our technology, and thus our jobs, investments and patents. America cannot afford to give our competitors and adversaries a commercial and military advantage.

Congress has 28 days to block this dangerous sale of American space technology to China. Because Congress will adjourn on August 3, it is critical to call now, and to ask your friends and associates to call as well.

If we want America to have a bright future in space, and to not see China use our technology to underbid and destroy our growing commercial space industry, we must block this deal and all like it in the future.

Please help stop this dangerous sale of our high tech to China. Call Congress. Share this alert far and wide. Thank you.

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