August 6, 2012

Curiosity Lands on Mars!

Curiosity's Shadow at Martian Sunset
Meet America's New Mars Rover!
Yes, that IS a laser blasting rocks!
At 1:31 AM August 6, 2012, Mars Science Laboratory "Curiosity" landed on Mars. This was an incredible nine-month voyage, and the landing required a great many events to happen perfectly with split-second timing. Every American can be proud of our wonderful accomplishment!  Now the real excitement will begin, as Curiosity will make many new discoveries over the coming months and years; perhaps discover signs of current or past life; and help pave the way for American astronauts to take the first steps on Mars.

You can watch replays of landing coverage and developing news on NASA TV; on cable or online or on cable TV:

Watch "7 Minutes of Terror" showing how the landing on Mars was accomplished:

Watch Curiosity's descent:

Read the Curiosity landing press kit:

Follow Curiosity at
Curiosity Photographed from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Let's now resolve to send astronauts to the moon and asteroids in this decade, and to Mars in the 2020's. We will only get there if our leaders set specific goals, missions and timetables; just as President Kennedy challenged our nation to go to the moon "in this decade." You can help by contacting Congress and candidates in support.

Absence of the specific goals, missions and timetables will doom our future in space to budget cuts and cancelled dreams; and we will only watch as other nations fill the vacuum instead and reap the incredible benefits of jobs, awesome new inventions, investments, national pride and international respect. Let's go!

First Images on Mars
Mission Control Staff Cheering After Landing Confirmed

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